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I just rewatched How to Train Your Dragon 2 and my mind keeps straying back to the scene where Stoic and Valka reunite. And I would totally cosplay it and perform the duet if I had a better singing voice and a male partner who could also sing. And more confidence in my costume making abilities.

Cosplay update

So, a few of you were interested in my cosplay stuff (which I said i was gonna start last month aha oh procrastination my sole companion) But anyway I figured i’d give you an update on what’s going on. 

Originally I was going to do three cosplays. But unfortunately because tickets went on sale while I was returning from vacation, by time I was able to get a reliable connection to the NYCC website there were only Friday and Sunday tickets left. So I nabbed one for Friday and I will be working on this design of Belle that you’ve probably seen floating around tumblr. (and I did get the artists permission to try and cosplay it.) 

So yeah. I’m hoping to actually get started on that tomorrow. Now that I know i’ll only be around for one day of NYCC. Might try to find another con to go to as well since now I know i’m not gonna be paying a hotel fee. But we’ll see what happens. 

I will be posting progress pics. Though i’m lazy so they might come slowly XD

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